Sunday, April 24, 2016

Catch up from February 2016 - CNY, Grandpa comes to visit, Mark's birthday, random Capoeira shots

Here are some pics from February:

Wearing hanboks for Chinese New Year.  Charlotte was upset about something or other:

With Grandma and Grandpa:

We went to HK - and visited my old favorite the Charlie Brown Cafe:

We went up to the Peak:

We went to Pattaya and saw the Tiffany show.  

Glenn did not realize everyone was a man:

We rode on the back of a truck:

There was a pool at our place:

There were large vans involved:

We went to a temple:

There is a killer aquarium - here fish eat out of bottles:

Later we went to Mark's birthday party:

Random capoeira pics:

Finally there were some cool light displays in Old Taipa.  We went with Jenny and Jason:

Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 24, 2016 - Catch up from January

Sorry folks - I have been delinquent blogging.  Alas - I am back - perhaps not with a vengeance but at least with some pictures.  I have often stated that I am a slackard blogger at best of late, and well, that is true.  Enough excuses - here was our January...

We spent New Year's in Phuket with Sherry, Larry and Neil.  Old and wonderful friends!

There was a great breakfast place in Rawai - with masks to paint!  Here is Sherry and Sophia:

Matt and I determined we are Aquarium junkies - here we are in Phuket's:

Cool sunsets:

No vacation is complete without a photo of the laundry room!

Sherry and Larry rented a bungalow on the beach:

On our way to the Marriott - we found this $10USD Sunday Buffet - it was awesome!

At the Marriott, Uncle That Guy and Charlotte started a cool friendship:

There was a pilot of a new Capoeira class in Taipa... the girls participated to show how kids tumble...

Big Sophia had a birthday party... although this pic is blurry I like the colors here:

An Inside Out Party... cool!

Our Sophia ate Cheetos for dinner:

There was limbo:

I love this picture of Christopher!

And an egg race:

Awesome cake!  Pinterest win! :)

The girls rode around Ocean Club:

And a pre Chinese New Year dim sum session with their BFF's Jenny and Jason: